High-Risk Gloves

Product Description

Latex high-risk gloves powder-free are a type of personal protective equipment that is designed to provide maximum protection to workers in high-risk industries, including healthcare, food service, and industrial settings. These gloves are specifically designed to provide superior barrier protection against hazardous materials, infectious agents, and other harmful substances.

Latex high-risk gloves powder-free are made from high-quality latex material that offers exceptional strength and durability. They are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty tasks and provide superior protection against cuts, punctures, and tears. Additionally, these gloves are resistant to chemicals and oils, making them a preferred choice in industries where workers are exposed to these types of substances.

One of the key benefits of latex high-risk gloves powder-free is their superior barrier protection. They provide a reliable barrier against hazardous materials and infectious agents, helping to prevent the spread of disease and illness. They also offer protection against blood-borne pathogens, making them a crucial component of personal protective equipment in healthcare settings.

Latex high-risk powder-free gloves also offer a high degree of sensitivity and dexterity. They provide a snug fit that allows for a high level of tactile feedback, making them ideal for tasks that require a high degree of precision or dexterity. This level of sensitivity and dexterity is particularly important in healthcare settings, where workers need to be able to accurately perform delicate procedures.

Another benefit of latex high-risk powder-free gloves is their compliance with industry standards. These gloves are manufactured to meet the standards of various regulatory bodies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This ensures that they meet the necessary requirements for use in various industries and settings.

When choosing latex high-risk powder-free gloves, it is important to consider the potential for latex allergies. While latex gloves are a preferred choice for their strength, durability, and barrier protection, some individuals may experience allergic reactions to latex material. For these individuals, alternative materials, such as nitrile or vinyl, maybe a better option. Contact us for any queries.

Malaysia is renowned for its high-quality manufacturing of latex high-risk powder-free gloves. Natalie Group made these gloves using advanced manufacturing techniques and the latest technology to ensure the highest level of protection for workers in high-risk industries. The latex material used in these gloves is sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly plantations in Malaysia, ensuring that the gloves are both durable and environmentally friendly. Malaysian manufacturers adhere to strict quality control standards and comply with industry regulations to produce gloves that are reliable, effective, and compliant with industry standards.

In conclusion, latex high-risk powder-free gloves are a reliable and effective type of personal protective equipment that offer superior barrier protection, sensitivity, and dexterity. They are specifically designed to provide maximum protection to workers in high-risk industries and are compliant with industry standards. However, it is important to consider the potential for latex allergies and choose the appropriate type of glove for your specific task and industry.

Latex high-risk gloves Functional Benefits


Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.

Easy donning

Easy donning and helps prevent roll back


Superior strength with better puncture resistance.

Latex High-Risk Gloves

Beaded cuff

Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down.


Custom design enhances comfort and fit.


Full textured enhances wet and dry grip.

Latex High-Risk Gloves Quality Standards


Latex High-Risk Gloves
Latex High-Risk Gloves
Type Powder-free, non-sterile
Material Natural Rubber
Design & Features Ambidextrous; textures, beaded cuff, Blue Color
Storage The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a cool and dry condition
Shelf-life 5 years from the date of manufacturing

Latex High-Risk Gloves Packing

Dispenser Box: 50 gloves per dispenser box

Outer Carton: 10 dispensers per carton

Container (1.20f): 900 Outer Carton

Container (1.40f): 2000 Outer Carton

Latex High-Risk Gloves Sizes


Extra Small








Extra Large

Physical Dimensions

Dimensions Standards
ASTM D6319 EN455
Length (mm) Min 280 (XS, S)
Min 300 (M, L, XL)
Min 300
Width (mm)
• Extra-small
• Small
• Medium
• Large
• Extra-large

80 ± 10
90 ± 10
105 ± 10
120 ± 10
130 ± 10

≤ 90
90 ± 10
105 ± 10
120 ± 10
≥ 120
Thickness (mm)
• Fingers
• Palm
• Cuff

Min 0.22 - 0.30
Min 0.22 - 0.30
Min 0.22 - 0.30


Physical Properties

Property ASTM D6319 EN455
Elongation at break (%)
• Before Aging
• After Aging

Min 600
Min 5400

Tensile Strength (MPa)
• Before Aging
• After Aging

Min 20
Min 20

Median Force at Break (N)
• Before Aging
• After Aging